Blanket Ban on Commercial Whaling A Misguided Way of Protecting Species

November 6, 2019 Whales and Humans 0

While they are free to believe that “all whales” should be protected, perhaps what they are actually trying to protect is the fantasy of the symbolic wild animal. If they genuinely intend to protect “endangered species,” then the actions required to do so do not involve a ban on whaling. Science is meant to be utilized to solve real-life problems, not fantasies.

Dancing With the Evil Fishermen of Taiji

June 22, 2019 Whales and Humans 0

The town I was supposed to cover was called Taiji. It was the subject of a documentary called The Cove, which was up for an Academy Award. My bosses wanted someone to be there in case it won, to get the town’s side of the story.