Our Logo: A Play-on-Words with a Deeper Meaning

Our origami-inspired logo is not only cute, but has both subtle and profound meaning.

このページを 日本語 で読む

The symbol of Japan 2 Earth is an origami version of the national bird of Japan, the green pheasant, called a kiji in Japanese. Here are some key facts about the colorful kiji that explain why we chose it to be our icon.

The Japanese for green pheasant, kiji, is a homonym for 'article'

Japan 2 Earth aims to produce informative, engaging and colorful articles that highlight Japanese efforts in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The colorful male kiji (Photo by Fumie Oyama).

Kiji are said to be sensitive to earthquakes

In a similar sense, we would like to warn people about environmental issues that are harming our planet and offer solutions and stories that address these challenges.

Eating kiji is traditionally associated with sustainability

Eating kiji has in effect led to the preservation of this native species. This symbolism aligns with our mission to support sustainability.

Although they spend most of their time on the ground, kiji can indeed fly (Photo by Fumie Oyama).

Status as the national bird

It is a common mistake to think that the crane is the national bird of Japan when in fact it is the kiji. Likewise, we are determined to raise awareness on lesser-known activities aimed at achieving the SDGs with our kiji ('articles').

We hope this brief explanation of our logo taught you something new! Aside from the deeper meaning, we think colorful origami birds are cute and hope you do too!

このページを 日本語 で読む