Carbon Utilization: Toshiba Develops New Sensor for Analyzing Mixed Gas

Toshiba has created a technology with significant potential for carbon utilization. It can analyze mixed gases 150 times faster than conventional approaches.

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Toshiba has developed a technology capable of simultaneously measuring the concentration of three or more substances in a mixed gas. This advancement not only eliminates the need for bulky equipment but also enables analysis at a remarkable speed: 150 times faster than conventional methods. This marks the world's first real-time technology capable of analyzing three or more substances in mixed gas.

Toshiba's technology is anticipated to make a valuable contribution to decarbonization initiatives through carbon capture and utilization. The company aims to make this technology available for practical implementation by 2026.

The technology utilizes a compact sensor unit that integrates multiple temperature sensors, electrical circuits, and other crucial components onto a single substrate. When this sensor unit is exposed to a mixed gas, it measures the temperatures of each substance present. It then derives highly accurate concentration values by applying a unique calculation method.

Toward Carbon Neutrality

Remarkably, the prototype sensor unit measures a mere 6.5 cm (2.6 in) in length and width and 2.5 cm (1.0 in) in height. Leveraging cutting-edge integrated circuit technologies, its volume size has been reduced to less than 1/200th of conventional gas analysis equipment. It has significantly reduced the measurement time for a mixed gas containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide from an average of 5 minutes to a mere 1.7 seconds.

Achieving carbon neutrality, or net zero carbon dioxide emissions, is a global objective shared by nations worldwide including Japan. To realize this goal, the practical implementation of technologies that capture and repurpose carbon dioxide as raw materials for chemicals is essential. Toshiba's technology, which enables the chemical conversion of carbon dioxide into various substances, holds great potential in facilitating these vital efforts.

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