Honda Unveils Japan's First Plug-In Rechargeable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Honda revealed its new fuel cell vehicle that can be recharged at home, a convenient option in the transition away from conventional fossil fuel-powered cars.

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On February 28, Honda unveiled the CR-V e:FCEV, a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The car is set to be released in Japan and North America later this year. 

Fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) generate electricity by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, powering the motor to propel the vehicle. But a shortage of hydrogen refueling stations has hindered their widespread adoption. Honda is the first Japanese company to offer a plug-in FCV that can be conveniently recharged at home.

FCVs Are Becoming a 'Good Option'

Honda has announced its strategy to phase out internal combustion engines. The company aims for all new vehicles sold worldwide to be electric vehicles (EVs) or FCVs by 2040. The new CR-V model was showcased at the H2 & FC EXPO, an exhibition of hydrogen technologies held at Tokyo Big Sight.

Next-generation hydrogen fuel cell system sold by Honda. (©Sankei by Gen Koganezaki)

Honda developed the new model's fuel cell system jointly with the US auto giant General Motors (GM). The car can travel over 600 kilometers with a single hydrogen refueling and over 60 kilometers per charge.

Chief developer Koichi Ikoma expressed his confidence in the new FCV. "We want to demonstrate with this car that FCVs are a good option," he said.

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