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Rugby World Cup 2023 Full Schedule

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Pool AFrance vs New ZealandSat, Sep 904:15Saint-Denis
Pool AItaly vs NamibiaSat, Sep 920:00Saint-Étienne
Pool BIreland vs RomaniaSat, Sep 922:30Bordeaux
Pool CAustralia vs GeorgiaSun, Sep 1001:00Saint-Denis
Pool DEngland vs ArgentinaSun, Sep 1004:00Marseille
Pool DJapan vs ChileSun, Sep 1020:00Toulouse
Pool BSouth Africa vs ScotlandMon, Sep 1100:45Marseille
Pool CWales vs FijiMon, Sep 1104:00Bordeaux
Pool AFrance vs UruguayFri, Sep 1504:00Lille
Pool ANew Zealand vs NamibiaSat, Sep 1604:00Toulouse
Pool DSamoa vs ChileSat, Sep 1622:00Bordeaux
Pool CWales vs PortugalSun, Sep 1700:45Nice
Pool BIreland vs TongaSun, Sep 1704:00Nantes
Pool BSouth Africa vs RomaniaSun, Sep 1722:00Bordeaux
Pool CAustralia vs FijiMon, Sep 1800:45Saint-Étienne
Pool DJapan vs EnglandMon, Sep 1804:00Nice
Pool AItaly vs UruguayThu, Sep 2100:45Nice
Pool AFrance vs NamibiaFri, Sep 2204:00Marseille
Pool DArgentina vs SamoaSat, Sep 2300:45Saint-Étienne
Pool CGeorgia vs PortugalSat, Sep 2321:00Toulouse
Pool DEngland vs ChileSun, Sep 2400:45Lille
Pool BSouth Africa vs IrelandSun, Sep 2404:00Saint-Denis
Pool BScotland vs TongaMon, Sep 2500:45Nice
Pool CWales vs AustraliaMon, Sep 2504:00Lyon
Pool AUruguay vs NamibiaThu, Sep 2800:45Lyon
Pool DJapan vs SamoaFri, Sep 2904:00Toulouse
Pool ANew Zealand vs ItalySat, Sep 3004:00Lyon
Pool DArgentina vs ChileSat, Sep 3022:00Nantes
Pool CFiji vs GeorgiaSun, Oct 100:45Bordeaux
Pool BScotland vs RomaniaSun, Oct 104:00Lille
Pool CAustralia vs PortugalMon, Oct 200:45Saint-Étienne
Pool BSouth Africa vs TongaMon, Oct 204:00Marseille
Pool ANew Zealand vs UruguayFri, Oct 604:00Lyon
Pool AFrance vs ItalySat, Oct 704:00Lyon
Pool CWales vs GeorgiaSat, Oct 722:00Nantes
Pool DEngland vs SamoaSun, Oct 800:45Lille
Pool BIreland vs ScotlandSun, Oct 804:00Saint-Denis
Pool DJapan vs ArgentinaSun, Oct 820:00Nantes
Pool BTonga vs RomaniaMon, Oct 900:45Lille
Pool CFiji vs PortugalMon, Oct 904:00Toulouse
Quarter Final 1Pool C #1 vs Pool D #2Sun, Oct 1500:00Marseille
Quarter Final 2Pool B #1 vs Pool A #2Sun, Oct 1504:00Saint-Denis
Quarter Final 3Pool D #1 vs Pool C #2Mon, Oct 1600:00Marseille
Quarter Final 4Pool A #1 vs Pool B #2Mon, Oct 1604:00Saint-Denis
Semi Final 1QF 1 Winner vs QF 2 WinnerSat, Oct 2104:00Saint-Denis
Semi Final 2QF 3 Winner vs QF 4 WinnerSun, Oct 2204:00Saint-Denis
Bronze FinalSF 1 #2 vs SF 2 #2Sat, Oct 2804:00Saint-Denis
FinalSF 1 #1 vs SF 2 #1Sun, Oct 2904:00Saint-Denis


New ZealandSouth AfricaWalesEngland
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