Asahi Town Selected as 'Starry Sky Town, Blue Sky Town' Host

Asahi Town in Yamagata was chosen to host the Starry Sky Town, Blue Sky Town National Conference to call attention to the importance of preserving clean air.

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Asahi Town in Yamagata Prefecture will serve as the next host of the "Starry Sky Town, Blue Sky Town," a national convention dedicated to protecting beautiful blue skies and air quality preservation. The event is scheduled for September 2024. The decision was announced on October 8 at this year's event in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture.

Celebrating the Sky

Aimed at raising awareness of the importance of the Earth's atmosphere, the event has been held annually in locations throughout Japan since 1989. Conference activities are easily accessible to all and include stargazing events that promote regional development and make the most of local environments. Members of the royal family have been attending since the 7th annual event, beginning with Prince Takamado. In recent years, Princess Hisako of Takamado has been in attendance, with the upcoming event to be the 36th.

Asahi Town is home to the world's only "Air Shrine" dedicated to the deity of air. The town enacted an ordinance designating June 5 as "Air Day" and has also made a Zero-Carbon City declaration. Selection of Asahi Town to host the national convention in 2024 came in recognition of its efforts to foster a spirit of appreciation for the air.

Asahi Town
The stainless steel mirrored plate of the Air Shrine's main shrine (Photo courtesy of Asahi Town).

The town is kicking off the lead-up to 2024 with an Environmental Fair on October 29 to promote learning about climate change and the importance of air quality. In cooperation with the Heating & Ventilation A/C Company of the Panasonic Corporation, "Kids Air Lab" events will be held at elementary schools for students to learn about the importance of air quality. These and other stargazing events will build momentum for the national convention in 2024.

Asahi Town Mayor Hiroyuki Suzuki said, "We are very honored by the selection. Our town's clean air has been the basis of our community-building activities. We erected the Air Shrine in 1990, which has become a popular tourist spot. I would like to continue to foster a spirit of appreciation for the air in our town."

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