Saitama City Adopts Electric Garbage Trucks with Swappable Batteries

Test runs of the EV garbage trucks are to start in April as the city aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and establish a circular waste management system.

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Saitama City is set to start trial runs of electric garbage trucks that use swappable batteries in April. The city has partnered with Tokyo-based JFE Engineering to introduce battery-powered garbage trucks that emit no exhaust. Tests are intended to verify the garbage trucks' performance and their contribution to reducing negative environmental impacts. Switching to EVs for waste collection is part of the city's efforts to realize a decarbonized society. 

Going Circular

Saitama City has been promoting the E-KIZUNA Project to support the proliferation of EVs. In May of 2023, the city signed an agreement with JFE Engineering. Since then the partners have been working on creating a circular energy waste collection system.

During the demonstration trial, electric power generated at Saitama's Clean Center Osaki waste treatment incinerator will be utilized to charge the swappable batteries at a newly established battery swap station.

Two EV garbage trucks will be put into operation. Battery swapping will be carried out when the trucks return to the incineration facility to drop off collected waste. Trials will confirm the trucks' performance including the range achievable on one charge.

The city held a ceremony to commemorate the start of operations of the electric garbage trucks on March 7.

このページを 日本語 で読む