Sumitomo Electric Unveils New Material Made from Recycled CO2 and Metal

The new material, called metacol, harnesses recycled CO2 and aims to spark ideas for business solutions to create a sustainable future decarbonized society.

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On March 11, Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) and the Kansai Innovation Center, a startup support organization affiliated with MUFJ Bank, opened a new showroom in Osaka. They are showcasing a new material called "metacol" created by SEI from metal and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Sparking New Business

The showroom is located near the entrance of the MUIC Kansai innovation hub in Osaka's Chuo Ward. The display is open to the public for a limited time through March 29. Visitors can experience interactive exhibits. One demonstrates the process of producing and commercializing a new material that absorbs CO2 from the air. They can also view and touch stationery and other small items made from metacol.

The showroom's main purpose is to introduce the new material to startup representatives using the MUIC facility. Finding partner companies to collaborate on product development and initiate research groups on new business is the aim.

According to Sumitomo Electric Industries, metacol is material in powder form. It is created from CO2 and metals such as iron and magnesium. Its intended use is as an alternative to plastic. Besides its contribution to addressing environmental issues, the material has been tested for safety and functionality in reflecting ultraviolet rays. It is reportedly sufficiently durable when compared to plastic.

The Sumitomo Group is also considering showcasing metacol at its pavilion display at the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo

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