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Scenes in Kushiro: A Grateful City, a Watching World as Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling

The five whaling boats chugged out into the bumpy waters off of eastern Hokkaido, a tiny armada under gray skies and the gaze of the world.

An Argument for Sustainable Whaling: The Case of Alaska’s Indigenous Peoples

On the surface, the indigenous peoples of Alaska continue to engage in whaling activities without any problems. But in actuality, I believe they face many real problems. To date, Japan has continued to support indigenous whaling within the IWC.

Blanket Ban on Commercial Whaling A Misguided Way of Protecting Species

While they are free to believe that “all whales” should be protected, perhaps what they are actually trying to protect is the fantasy of the symbolic wild animal. If they genuinely intend to protect “endangered species,” then the actions required to do so do not involve a ban on whaling. Science is meant to be utilized to solve real-life problems, not fantasies.

Untangling the Myth Behind the Whaling Controversy: A Director’s Take

I still remember the taste of hard-to-swallow fried whale meat served in Japanese school lunches. I have no nostalgia for it, but when I come across news that “Japan is doing it again” — committing supposed whale-hunting atrocities — the taste comes back.

Don’t Let the Anti-Whaling Zealots Impose Their Hypocrisy on Japan

The decision to withdraw from the IWC offers Japan a golden opportunity to awaken from its postwar illusions about international organizations. Undoubtedly, Japan will be bombarded with criticism by the anti-whaling countries and radical environmental groups.

‘Behind THE COVE’ Opens Discussion on Science and Politics of Whaling

The movie Behind ‘THE COVE’ presents the audience with facts about how the Japanese have lived alongside whales since the ancient times as well as the historical context of the whaling culture.

A Film 27 Years in the Making Captures Life in Whale-Hunting Indonesian Village

In the great ocean, a lamafa (whale hunter) engages in battle with a whale to humbly and gratefully take its life. This intense scene was captured by Japanese photographer Bon Ishikawa,

Director Keiko Yagi: Why I Had to Make ‘Behind THE COVE’ Amid the Anti-Whaling Uproar

Japanese film director Keiko Yagi got the award for Best Director at the 2018 London International Filmmaker Festival for her documentary film ‘Behind THE COVE.’ Ms Yagi produced the film in 2015 to counter The Cove, which received the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2010.

Behind THE COVE’: A Visual Take On the Whaling Issue

People from the US, the UK, and Australia—countries that are especially concerned about the whaling problem—have told me that the film was eye-opening.

The Time to Move Against Eco-terrorism in Japan is Now

It happened in the lush woodland area of Khimki, near Moscow, late at night in July 2012. Someone set the heavy equipment on fire in the construction site for a new highway leading from Moscow to St. Petersburg, the second capital of Russia.

Whales: Bond with These Clever Creatures at Kamogawa Sea World

Breeding killer whales in Japan seems difficult as the blood relationships among them are quite close. Kamogawa Sea World is now exploring a new way to artificially inseminate sperm imported from an overseas aquariums in order to take advantage of the precious opportunity to increase their population—and help visitors communicate with such a large marine species.

Enoshima Aquarium’s Proud Mission: Educating People, Preserving Dolphins

The most important consideration for our aquarium is to maintain a balance in our work. That includes finding a balance between the promotion of research concerning breeding these marine animals and ensuring continuation of the productive triangular relationship — the government(Fisheries Agency), fishermen, and aquariums. We firmly believe that is what our aquarium is all about.

Dancing With the Evil Fishermen of Taiji

The town I was supposed to cover was called Taiji. It was the subject of a documentary called The Cove, which was up for an Academy Award. My bosses wanted someone to be there in case it won, to get the town’s side of the story.

Taiji and the Liberal Dolphin Party

Behind the clump of panicked dolphins, a row of Japanese fishing boats and skiffs appeared, the low thump of their engines rolling in on the sea breeze.