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‘Kitchen Car’ Whale Cuisine: New Dishes for a New Generation

“It makes me really happy when someone tries whale for the first time and says ‘this is really good!” ーRajiku chef Takatoyo Itahana.

A Lifelong Friend of Whaling: Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in His Own Words

Abe’s legacy included overseeing a dramatic shift in Japan’s whaling policy, from the decision to withdraw from the IWC to the restart of commercial whaling.

Whales in the Japanese Landscape: Taking Life, The Naked Providence of Nature

“We give thanks that we were able to make the catch without incident. We can’t forget our gratitude for the gift of another life” ー Taiji whaling captain.

Whales in the Japanese Landscape: A Test of Character, Past and Present

Practiced in Japan as far back as 4000 BC, and humans are still chasing whales 6,000 years later, largely for a spiritual reward not measured by economics.

Whales in the Japanese Landscape: The Power of the Warrior Spirit

The whaling economy was preceded by a battle to overcome a giant creature which, more than profits and losses, required a spiritual vitality.

Whales in the Japanese Landscape: A Natural Resource and the Start of Manufacturing

Whales were resources that swam slowly through the sea. Once brought up onto land, their massive bodies were divided and used until there was nothing left.

Rare Artwork from the Baleen of Whales

Artwork made from the baleen of whales has been an integral part of the culture of whaling communities in Japan and around the world, and some examples are introduced here.

In Chiba Prefecture’s Minamiboso, Fighting to Save Coastal Whaling Traditions

There was a time when whale meat was so common in Japan that we almost expected it to be a part of every meal. But this changed from the late 1980s, when the International Whaling Commission (IWC) placed a moratorium on commercial whaling. Since then the overall whale market has

Japan’s Non-lethal Whale Survey Continues in the Faraway Antarctic

The ongoing recovery in the numbers of fin whales and humpbacks is becoming clearer, and observations of the blue whale indicate a recovery in that species as well.

Whale Research Drone ‘Asuka’ Debuts at Japan Drone Exhibition

The use of the Asuka drone allows researchers to identify whales even in the midst of ice floes, where research vessels are unable to go.

Audience Choice: New Accolades for Bon Ishikawa’s Indigenous Whaling Film ‘Lamafa’

Lamafa, an independent documentary about traditional life in a distant Indonesian whaling village, has continued to impress modern audiences around the globe, and was selected by viewers as the best film at the Guam International Film Festival (GIFF). The festival announced Monday, November 29, that the documentary, produced, written, and

Whales in Your Living Room

The Taiji Whale Museum launches virtual 360-degree panoramas The Taiji Whale Museum, located in the small town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, is focused totally on whales and dolphins, a rarity in Japan.  The museum features a three-story exhibition hall on whale biology and whaling history, live dolphin and whale shows,

‘Lamafa’ Documentary Wins International Film Award, ‘More than a Whaling Movie’

Warming waters and the whims of the Kuroshio Current bring new fish and whales to the fishermen at the heart of Japan’s centuries-old whaling culture, and sometimes they turn out to be quite popular.