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OPINION: Whaling Criticism is Often Melodramatic Japan-bashing

Japan Whaling Guru: Sustainable Whaling Is the Ideal Option

Japan Risks International Legal Trouble As It Resumes Whaling in Its EEZ

Scenes in Kushiro: A Grateful City, a Watching World as Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling

Blanket Ban on Commercial Whaling A Misguided Way of Protecting Species

An Argument for Sustainable Whaling: The Case of Alaska’s Indigenous Peoples

Don’t Let the Anti-Whaling Zealots Impose Their Hypocrisy on Japan

Untangling the Myth Behind the Whaling Controversy: A Director’s Take

A Film 27 Years in the Making Captures Life in Whale-Hunting Indonesian Village

It is not whaling that is threatening the handful of whale species that are endangered at present, such as the vaquita in the Gulf of California and the large North Atlantic right whale. Rather, bycatch of other fisheries, ship strikes, and development in the seas they inhabit are what threatens them ... Science is meant to be utilized to solve real-life problems, not fantasies.
— Hajime Ishikawa, Shimonoseki Academy of Marine Science, Former Cruise Leader of Antarctic Whaling Fleet [Read More]

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Whaling in Focus

A new chapter for Japanese Whaling

After decades of deadlock in the International Whaling Commission, in 2019 Japan began commercial whaling for the first time in over 30 years...

Researchers' View

Scholars on Whaling

Largely unheard in the English-speaking world, prominent scientists, scholars, and writers give their opinions about the global whaling controversy...

‘Behind THE COVE’ Opens Discussion on Science and Politics of Whaling

The movie Behind ‘THE COVE’ presents the audience with facts about how the Japanese have lived alongside whales since the ancient times as well as the historical context of the whaling culture.

Taiji and the Liberal Dolphin Party

Behind the clump of panicked dolphins, a row of Japanese fishing boats and skiffs appeared, the low thump of their engines rolling in on the sea breeze.

Dancing With the Evil Fishermen of Taiji

The town I was supposed to cover was called Taiji. It was the subject of a documentary called The Cove, which was up for an Academy Award. My bosses wanted someone to be there in case it won, to get the town’s side of the story.

[Mythbusters] White Makes Right When It Comes to Whaling

[Mythbusters] White Makes Right When It Comes to Whaling

Again, there was no mention of Iceland and Norway, even though whaling in their exclusive economic zone is precisely what Japan has said it will do.

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