Japan Metal Bulletin, a Leading Industrial Newspaper, Showcases Japan 2 Earth to its Readers

The latest news from Japan 2 Earth.

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In the August 22 edition of its print version, the Japan Metal Bulletin ran a story on Japan 2 Earth's recent launch.

Announcement of Japan to Earth launch in the Japan Metal Bulletin on August 22, 2022

An excerpt from the article (translated from Japanese):

Masaaki Sakurai, former head of engineering at JFE Steel and former president of JFE Environmental Service, serves as an editorial advisor on the new site that aims to improve Japan's international standing through the global dissemination of information. Mr Sakurai notes, "Personally, I would like to support the Japanese steel and other manufacturing industries, including the resource recycling industry, which are facing the headwinds of decarbonization, and to communicate their challenges and points of view to the world."

Another aim of Japan 2 Earth is to promote partnerships to pursue the SDGs. This recent article has helped to spread the word on our efforts.

このページを 日本語 で読む