J2E Holds Web Conference with Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo

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On May 26, the Japan 2 Earth (J2E) team met with Mr. Yoichi Hino, Chairman of the Board of Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo (PPT), and Mr. Nobuo Suganuma, its General Manager.

Founded in 1990, the orchestra was renamed from the Tokyo New City Orchestra to its current name in April 2022, with Norichika Iimori serving as Music Director.

"'Pacific' means harmony, love, and peace, just as Magellan, the explorer of the Age of Discovery, described the Pacific Ocean as calm," Mr. Hino explained the origin of the orchestra's name.

Mr. Hino further noted the patrons of orchestras today are made up of citizens with diverse values. "That's why we are replacing the traditional with 'innovation' and 'diversity' for the sake of citizens," he remarked.

PPT is the first Japanese orchestra to collaborate with modern music bands. It recently held a "Beyooooophonic" concert with the "Beyooooonds" pop idol band at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. In 2022, the orchestra gave a performance incorporating electronic images and visual elements, and in 2021, it performed a concert based on the world of the anime entitled, "Sword Art Online".

Its family concert series targeting children ages 0 to 6 is very popular. Most importantly, the concerts provide rare opportunities for parents to bring strollers into concert halls, giving both parents and young children alike the chance to experience live music.

PPT's next challenge is to develop franchises in cities and towns around the country with the aim of contributing to community building and music education.

J2E hopes to continue to support Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo in its efforts to contribute to the SDGs, particularly in building sustainable communities and ensuring education for all.