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Introducing the 2023-24 Rugby League One Jersey Designs

As the 2023-24 Rugby League One season kicks off, familiarize yourself with the distinctive new jerseys of your favorite teams to easily identify them on the field.

In anticipation of the third season of Japan Rugby League One (formerly the Top League), various clubs have unveiled their jersey designs. Drawing inspiration from a range of sources, some clubs have incorporated traditional design elements like nature and geometric patterns. Meanwhile, others have embraced themes centered around animals.

Kicking off on December 9, the upcoming 2023-24 season introduces each team with a pair of uniforms, typically referred to as the "first" and "second" jerseys, akin to "host" and "visitor" designations in other leagues. Below, you'll find the jersey designs for the 12 Division 1 teams.

Kubota Spears

The first jersey showcases a geometric pattern symbolizing continuity and championship aspirations. A prominent championship cup features on the upper chest with the club crest in a silver shield.

The second jersey opts for a minimalist black base with a silhouette of the club crest and subtle gill-like details on the torso sides. Both uniforms include the discreet "Orange Army" phrase inside the collar, adding a touch of magic.

(Rugby League One ©)

Suntory Goliath

The first uniform features a rich deep yellow hue with an ape motif on the left side, expressing a dynamic "shout" through the ape's bared teeth. Its two-tone design uses yellow with black outlines for contrast.

The second uniform mirrors the first but in a wine-red tone with white details. Both kits share the same club crest with the original colorization.

(Rugby League One ©)
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Mie Honda Heat

Drawing significant inspiration from the team's corporate sponsor, Honda, the color palette and design closely align with the aesthetics of the motorsports world. The first jersey, in a sleek jet black, features a distinctive red checkered pattern diagonally running from the bottom right to the midsection, a nod to the iconic motifs associated with motorsports.

In contrast, the second jersey adopts a pristine hospital-white cast. The checkered pattern is omitted, and red accentuates the five letters prominently displayed on the chest.

(Rugby League One ©)

Shizuoka BlueRevs

Shizuoka's first jersey combines "Step by Step" and "Mt Fuji," with the latter serving as a homage to Shizuoka and a symbolic emblem of Japan, elegantly incorporated as Fuji-san motifs. The former is visually represented through layered steps, symbolizing deliberate and steady progression. According to the team's website, the deep blue hues evoke tranquility and zen, communicating a powerful message of ambition — ascending to the summit and claiming Japan's top spot, one step at a time.

The second jersey is themed around "engine" with dynamic design elements running down the armpits and sides. Its passionate red color symbolizes the team's fervent drive and determination.

(Rugby League One ©)

Sagamihara Dynaboars

The first jersey maintains continuity from the previous season, featuring "Sagamihara Green," the team color of the Dynaboars and the symbolic hue of Sagamihara City. Its design incorporates the hydrangea, the designated flower and symbol of the city, as a subtle silhouette on both the front and back. Unlike using a "boar" motif, the uniform is intentionally centered on representing the essence of the city and its people.

The design for the second jersey will remain the same as the 2022-23 season's, the "Kanagawa blue."

(Rugby League One ©)

Hanazono Kintetsu Liners

The first uniform features a burgundy red base with horizontal dark blue lines, employing a torso design resembling a Fibonacci sequence. Its motif extends seamlessly to the left shoulder sleeve, with obliques showcasing a symmetrical geometric design for contrast.

The second uniform, reminiscent of vino bianco, has an off-white base adorned with blue and white rectangular shapes. This provides a modern twist on traditional ukiyoe art depictions of clouds. The sides invert the design of the first uniform while maintaining the wine-red tones for cohesiveness.

(Rugby League One ©)

Toyota Verblitz

Named after "Verde" for green and "Blitz" for lightning, the Verblitz showcase simplicity in their uniforms. The first uniform features a deep green base with a lightning bolt silhouette, while the second has white as the base with vibrant red highlights.

Notably, the kit integrates Toyota vehicles into the player numbering. Each number corresponds to a vehicle matching the player's position, and the specific vehicle logo is displayed above the jersey number, adding a unique touch to the design.

(Rugby League One ©)

Yokohama Canon Eagles

The first jersey symbolizes progress with a "repainting" theme featuring a sharp-eyed eagle and red-black paint decals for a dynamic spirit.

In contrast, the second uniform retains the previous season's design, showcasing Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" on a reimagined white base. This alteration emphasizes player fluidity and connects to Yokohama's tradition and local significance.

(Rugby League One ©)

BlackRams Tokyo

The 2023-24 season's first jersey, marking the club's 70th anniversary, expresses the accumulated history in traditional black. Various colors symbolize the history painted by past players, with intentional blurring reflecting battles faced. The number “70” at the chest embodies the “heart,” “hope,” and “honor” of past players.

For the second uniform, a blank white canvas symbolizes a cleansing for inscribing a new chapter in the upcoming season. This illustrates the team's fresh narrative.

(Rugby League One ©)

Saitama Wild Knights

According to the official team website the jersey concepts mark the start of a "new era," inspired by the serene dawn. The first jersey, in blue navy, signifies continuity, while the second, in gray and white, symbolizes a fresh beginning.

Intersecting diagonal stripes symbolically convey the transfer of overwhelming physical and unbreakable mental strength, reflecting the team's commitment to resilience and adaptability in the face of change.

(Rugby League One ©)

Kobelco Kobe Steelers

This kit can be succinctly described as “industrial,” featuring a new salamander emblem. Its brilliant red primary color is complemented by a steel factory figuration in the abdomen, emphasizing an industrial aesthetic. A dotted anchor motif beneath the left pectoral pays homage to the port city of Kobe, expressing a strong determination to anchor in the local community. In composite white, the second jersey retains the industrial factory illustration in sepia tones, maintaining the overarching theme in a fresh color palette.

(Rugby League One ©)

Toshiba Brave Lupus Tokyo

The first jersey adopts the corporate brand's palette, “Toshiba Red,” making it the most straightforward design among this year's kits. Its collar features a white ring with a central red stripe, and this styling extends to the players' numbers. Additionally, the sleeves are accented with black and continue down the sides of the jersey.

In contrast, the second jersey replaces “Toshiba Red” with a cool blue tone. Blue covers the entire uniform except for the trapezius muscle area, which retains the signature red accent. This design variation provides a distinctive look while maintaining a connection to the corporate brand's identity.

(Rugby League One ©)


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